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Who's LAN Are You On?
The Mt. Olive Herald
Volume 128, No. 10

What do you think of when you think of computers? Most times, I think of the same boring Hewlett-Packard that I have at home that runs, or actually crawls to a website then cuts you off-line.  I never really thought of a computer as fun, unless I was looking at the weather over the Internet.  Then again, I would get kicked off-line and couldn't view the forecast anyway.  These past few weeks, I learned something new.  I learned how much you could actually do with a computer and how much fun you can actually have with one.

Two weeks ago, I was being my same old boring self when at the last minute I was invited to something called a  "LAN party".  Having no clue what a LAN Party was, I quickly hopped in my car and decided to do something different.  If I was told that it had something to do with computers, my first thought would have probably been to yield away from the invitation.  When I arrived at the party, which took place at Paul Bruss's, I walked in not knowing what to first expect.  I was in for a surprise.

I finally go to the room where the party was.  The room was full of computer's!  Not just one or two, but several!  The next thing I knew, I was playing on a  computer and having a blast at the same time.  How was this?  How could I actually touch a computer and have fun?  Well, because I learned many different things.

I never knew that a 16-year-old-guy (Paul Bruss), could build his own computer.  Better yet, he also did it with creativity.  I never before saw a computer tower with glass siding, with neon lights implanted inside of it.  It was even my favorite color.  This one was green, but there was also a blue one too.  Next, I learned about an official LAN party drink containing 40 percent caffeine.  The drink is called Bawls [Guarana].  It made me chuckle.  They cost only two dollars per drink and it keeps you up all night.  Believe me, when I went home and tried to sleep, I felt like I would have rather died.  The final thing I found and loved the most, were the Playstation 2, X-Box, Game Cube, and more!

Finally I was interested in why these parties are thrown.  Paul said, "it's just for the personal interaction.  It gives us a chance to socialize and play new games.  We also get to challenge each other in these new games and express our thoughts about them."

After experiencing one of these parties for the first time, I would recommend it.  It's probably one of the safer parties you could attend.

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MOAL Party:
Main Street MOAL 4

6:00 PM
30 hours
Hurley's Banquet Hall
119 West Main St.
Mt. Olive, IL 622069
50 PCs
Register Here!


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