Posted 01.18.2009 9:30PM by Chrisb_Chicken
The pictures, screenshots, tournament standings, and other info is posted for Ascension Hall 2.
Posted 12.19.2008 8:00PM by Chrisb_Chicken
The LAN Party scheduled for the 2nd has been moved from O'Fallon to the hall at The Church of the Ascension in Mt. Olive.
Posted 11.30.2008 11:36PM by Chrisb_Chicken
The dates for our next LAN party are set. Keep your calendar open for January 2nd and 3rd. It will be at Mid America Web Solutions in O'Fallon, IL unless we're able to book the Church Hall again. We'll move it to the hall if that happens.
Posted 11.30.2008 11:30PM by Chrisb_Chicken
Pictures are up for the O'Fallon LAN Party, MAWS House 1. You can find them here.
Posted 08.02.2008 6:00PM by Chrisb_Chicken
I want to thank everyone for a great LAN. The pictures are posted. You can find them here.
Posted 07.01.2006 2:10AM by Chrisb_Chicken
While going through the pictures for March's LAN Party I found 17 extra pictures from December's LAN Party. You can find them here starting with picture 24.
Posted 06.30.2006 7:25AM by Chrisb_Chicken
The pictures and info pages have been posted.
Posted 04.04.2006 12:55AM by Chrisb_Chicken
THE FORUM IS BACK UP! The broken links pointing to the forum have been fixed too.
Posted 04.02.2006 7:11PM by Chrisb_Chicken
The long lost pictures from October's LAN party were found and posted. There are 17 new pictures starting with picture 28 on the second page of pictures. BTW: No word yet on the forum. Sorry guys.
Posted 03.28.2006 11:52PM by Chrisb_Chicken
I'm sure most of you have noticed that the forums are down. I'm going to do my best to find out what's going on with the "Database Error." Since we don't host the forum ourselves, I don't have a way of knowing when the forum will be back up. If you've heard anything about it or if Dino is reading this, please email me at
Posted 05.27.2005 by Chrisb_Chicken

The beta version of the new website design is finally up!



MOAL Party:
Main Street MOAL 4

6:00 PM
30 hours
Hurley's Banquet Hall
119 West Main St.
Mt. Olive, IL 622069
50 PCs
Register Here!


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Main Street MOAL Page Posted
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Ascension Hall 1 Pictures Posted
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