MAWS House 2: Pictures

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Fooled you. The DealMaster gets something anyway. A new ATI shirt Mmmm...Crusial Bacon...
Alienware hat Jay has no idea what he wants.
Jay claims an ATI cup and cube. The Sponsors table has been really picked over. Thank you ATI, Crusial, and Alienware.
Ballistix!!! Peanut hangs his Crusial memory from his Alienware lanyard
What are you drawing Jay? I'm like Flava Flav, but with computers
ChrisbChicken and his AMD shirt The front of the AMD and or ATI shirt
The DealMaster wouldn't have fallen asleep if he drank this Arizona sweet tea. It keeps Peanut going strong!
Everyone packs up and goes to Denny's. The DealMaster still can't stay awake. This is the 56th image and I am tired of making alt tags
Choices A very intense Peanut
The crew is back to Mid America Web and start passing out. This picture speaks for itself
Page 3


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